Are You Afraid A Cruise Vacation Might Be Boring?

11.33 million Americans took a cruise last year. If you weren’t one of them, could the reason be that you think you might be bored on a cruise vacation?

Check out this new “Come Seek” television commercial from Royal Caribbean to get a quick feel for just a few of the exciting, unique adventures you can have on a Caribbean cruise.

The only way to be bored on a cruise is if you choose to be (some people enjoy the ability to disconnect from the world and sleep soundly to the gently-rocking lull of the sea.)

Most people love the adventures to be had both on the ship, — i.e. rock-climbing, flow-riding, ice skating, — and on shore, exploring new countries each day. Would you Zip-line in Haiti? How about snorkeling in Jamaica?  Or para-sailing in Cozumel, Mexico?

Best of all, Royal Caribbean if currently offering a 30% Off Every Ship, Every Sailing” promotion, so it’s a fabulous time to book your adventure.

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